Thursday 31st December 1942

(Up at) 6.05am.
It snowed again during the night but it soon cleared up. I had stew for dinner. I finished reading my book this evening. We had fish and chips for supper. I got 3 d tips.
(Bed at) 9.45pm
Spent 2d Received 0d

Wednesday 30th December 1942

(Up at) 6.04am.
It snowed a bit this morning. I had sausages baked beans potatoes for dinner. Dr Brunton gave me 2/- at work. I went to cadets this evening. I got 3/6½d tips.
(Bed at) 9.55pm
Spent 2d Received 4/2½d

Tuesday 29th December 1942

(Up at) 6.02am.
It is freezing cold. I had brussels and potatoes for dinner. I read a book again this evening. I sent my photograph to Elizabeth. I fell over on my bicycle this morning.
(Bed at) 9.33pm
Spent 2½d Received 9d

Monday 28th December 1942

(Up at) 6.00am.
I received a letter from Bobby, I posted mine. I had bubble and squeak for dinner. Elizabeth sent me 2/6 d. Doris sent me a comb and a savings stamp. I read all this evening. I got 1/- Christmas box on my paper round. I got 6 d tips.
(Bed at) 9.50pm
Spent 1/6½d Received 5/6d

Sunday 27th December 1942

(Up at) 6.17am.
I didn’t go to Cadets. I had sausages and greens and potatoes for dinner. I wrote to Bobby. Molly came to tea and we played lotto afterwards. I got 10d paper tips.
(Bed at) 9.30pm
Spent 9d Received 10d